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Miang Copenhagen Bespoke

Our goal with Miang Copenhagen Bespoke was to design a truly customizable watch with an elegant and sporty look as well as obvious traces to our Danish design heritage.

And we wanted to do it using nothing but custom-designed components. With so many interchangable parts and design combinations we knew, that we had to come up with an extremely strong design system. For this challenging task we asked one of Denmark’s leading industrial designers, Mr. Jan Egeberg, to help us out. 
Miang Copenhagen Bespoke watch model
We worked a great deal with surface treatments for the watchcase, which is both brushed and polished, creating different looks dependent on the way surrounding light falls on the case and the angle from which you look at it. Finally, we paired the case with a monumental crown.
Watch design Bespoke extremely comfortable to wear
The lightness of the titanium watchcase combined with its curves that follow the wrist naturally, makes the watch extremely comfortable to wear. The shape and characteristic surfaces emit a meticulous visual appearance and superior legibility. This sense of precision continues in each of the customizable parts allowing for a varied yet always complete design language, no matter which combination you go for.
Bespoke extra bezel
Bezel options in natural, black PVD and red gold PVD titanium as well as in solid carbon fiber.
Interchangeable bezel and quick-change strap
With the interchangeable bezel and quick-change straps you can easily alter the appearance of your watch quite dramatically and go from sports watch for the tennis court to an elegant timepiece worthy of your following gala event.

Customizing options

The vast amount of customization options gives you an almost unlimited number of different looks to choose from. But don’t worry. We’ve made the process fun and easy.
Miang Copenhagen Bespoke customizing
MiangCopenhagen Bespoke design options

Besopke with Lume on dial and hour- and minute hands
Lume on dial and hour- and minute hands.

Personal engraving

Your watch is delivered with a personal laser engraving of your choice at no extra charge. Your message is accompanied by your watch’s individual serial number. Bespoke personal engraving
Bespoke engraving
Your engraving can consist of 30+25 characters (including spaces)
Bespoke engraving
built for..
Bespoke engraving
Love you...
Bespoke engraving
Grade 5 titanium


We wanted to make a watch from the finest materials and components out there.
For the watchcase, the crown and buckle we decided on Grade 5 titanium. Titanium is a great and luxurious material that’s 3 times stronger than steel but at half the weight. And it’s allergy-friendly too. Unlike other titanium types, Grade 5 can be polished to a mirror-like finish. A feature we implemented on several of the surfaces.Sapphire crystal
Sapphire crystal

Sapphire crystal is priced for its near diamond hardness making the glass extremely strong and scratch-resistant with a superior optical transmission. The backside of the glass is coated with anti-reflective properties to reduce glaring. Both front and back of the watch are equipped with this sapphire crystal.


sapphire glass
The fine finishing movement as seen through the sapphire glass exibition window.

When you are in the market for a high quality, automatic movement, there are really just two places to go: Switzerland and Japan. We chose the Japanese fine finishing movement ca. 8217 from Citizen-owned Miyota. Compared to a Swiss ETA or Selitta movement, the quality of the 8217 can easily compete. It just comes with less of the overhead that always goes along with a “Swiss-made” tag, which means that we can offer great quality at a really great price. We customized the movement by electroplating the rotor in a stunning blue color and engraving the “M” logo.


As with everything else with this timepiece, we handpick the best materials for our straps – no matter where this takes us around the world. We get our calfskin in whole hides from Italy, our suede in Denmark and salmon leather from Brazil. All straps are hand-stitched and lined with soft and comfortable suede on the backside.Samon leather strap
Salmon leather from Brazil
Tan calfskin strap
Tan calfskin in whole hides from Italy
Black calfskin strap
Black calfskin in whole hides from Italy
Strap options
Straps are supplied with buckles in the same color as the watch case body.
Bespoke buckle
Understated: In order to avoid spoiling the beautifully polished surface of the buckle, we have chosen to engrave the logo on the backside rather than on the usual front.
Bespoke watch



Bespoke watch


Bespoke warranty
Every Miang Copenhagen watch comes with a 2-year international warranty. In fact we believe so much in our product that we provide each watch with a 100-day money back guarantee (please see terms & conditions for details)